SusGlobal Energy Corp. Signs agreement with Syngas Sdn Bhd

Toronto, Ontario / May 20, 2015 / SusGlobal Energy Corp. (“SusGlobal Energy” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that it has signed an agreement with Syngas Sdn Bhd (“Syngas”) a Malaysian company which produces equipment that uses an innovative process to produce liquid transportation fuel from plastic waste material. A central element of the process is a patent entitled “Thermal De-Polymerization Process of Plastic Waste Materials”, (“Intellectual Property”) used in the SYNGAS CONVERSION MACHINE.

The technology only processes specific grades of thermoplastic: Polypropylene, Polyethylene and Polystyrene and through its defined procedures and parameters produces Low Sulfur High Cetane Ultra-Light Diesel Fuel.

SusGlobal Energy has obtained the exclusive rights from Syngas to license and sub-license the Intellectual Property and Products in the United States and Canada. The license is valid for a term of five (5) years and is renewable every five (5) years upon written request.

“SusGlobal and Syngas intend to collaborate and cooperate with a view to achieving economic and financial success for their respective businesses,” commented Gerald Hamaliuk, Chief Executive Officer of SusGlobal Energy. “We will continue to pursue other similar Intellectual Property around the world as we combine this and other technologies in innovative configurations to monetize our portfolio of proprietary technologies and processes to deliver value to our customers and shareholders.”

About SusGlobal Energy Corp.

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