Board of Directors

Marc M. Hazout

Founded SusGlobal Energy and currently serves as a Director, Chairman, President and CEO

Founded SusGlobal Energy and currently serves as a Director, Chairman, President and CEO Mr. Hazout brings over 20 years of experience in public markets, finance and business operations to SusGlobal Energy. Over the past several years Mr. Hazout has been involved in acquiring, restructuring and providing management services, as both a Director and an Officer, to several publicly traded companies. In 1998, Mr. Hazout founded and has been President and CEO of Travellers International Inc., a private equity firm headquartered in Toronto. Travellers has been involved in a multitude of successful capital market transactions, and over the past decade has focused on building relationships in China with the objective of participating in that country's tremendous growth opportunities. Mr. Hazout attended York University in Toronto studying International Relations and Economics. Mr. Hazout speaks English, French, Hebrew and Arabic.

Vincent R. Ramoutar

Currently serves as an Independent Director of SusGlobal Energy Corp.

Mr. Ramoutar is a seasoned executive and an inventor who has gained excellent exposure in several high-tech businesses in an entrepreneurial startup environment. Having co-founded or worked in six startup companies. Vincent’s specialties include raising capital for startups, corporate strategy, marketing, and business development. Mr. Ramoutar has been involved in several energy and resources companies as an adviser since 2007 and has provided management services and partnerships in the European public markets with focus on raising capital and growth opportunities. Vincent obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science from New York Institute of Technology (magna cum laude), New York.

Laurence W. Zeifman

Currently serves as an Independent Director of SusGlobal Energy Corp.

Mr. Zeifman is a partner of Zeifmans LLP, ranked Canada’s eighteenth largest CA firm with a total staff of over 100. For over twenty years, Mr. Zeifman served as managing partner, successfully steering its steady growth and emergence as a leading mid-sized firm, and continues to serve on the firm’s management committee. As well, he has serviced the auditing, accounting and/or consulting needs of a clientele of medium-sized public and private companies, including those in the financial services and health care sectors, being instrumental in the growth of his clients, and assisting them in managing their growth. Mr. Zeifman has also played a key role in Zeifmans’ quality control regime, maintaining compliance with the rules of professional conduct of CPA Ontario (formerly the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ontario), and the professional standards of CPA Canada (formerly the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants). Mr. Zeifman is Zeifmans’ contact partner to Nexia International, Chair of Nexia Canada and a member of Nexia International’s Marketing and Business Development Committee. Nexia is an international network of accounting firms, and one of the ten largest accounting organizations in the world.

Ryan Duffy

Currently serves as an Independent Director of SusGlobal Energy Corp.

Mr. Duffy is the President and CEO of Blackstone Energy Services Inc. a Canadian firm that manages energy portfolios for a diverse range of companies across North America and the Caribbean. Blackstone is a leading provider of integrated custom energy management solutions that help large energy users manage their energy budget at risk, achieve efficiency improvements, implement renewable generation, and carbon offsetting. Prior to Blackstone Mr. Duffy worked with a number of Fortune 500 companies, including several in the energy space. Mr. Duffy is very active within the energy committee on Trans Canada’s-Tolls Task Force, Union Gas’– Marketer Council, the IESO’s – Information Technology Standing Committee, the Energy Services Association of Canada and the Canadian Manufactures and Exporters-Energy Committee. In addition he is a member of the Canadian Healthcare Energy Society, the Association of Power Producers of Ontario, the Ontario Energy Association, SWITCH Ontario, and was a former board member of Rethink Sustainability Initiative. For his community involvement and corporate successes, Mr. Duffy was recently awarded the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association’s SMARTpreneur of the Year Award.

Andréa Calla

Currently serves as an Independent Director of SusGlobal Energy Corp.

Mr. Calla is President and CEO of the Calla Group and is an accomplished professional with over 35 years of experience in business, more recently a senior executive for ten years with The Tridel Group, one of Canada's largest community builders/developers. He was actively involved in the different company divisions and all facets of the industry. He is also Managing Partner of The Callian Capital Group, a globally active Toronto-based investment and capital management firm. Mr. Calla has held key leadership and entrepreneurial roles driving innovative, practical and effective changes to improve quality of life through various company start-ups across diverse industries, some include: Chairman, Deep Geo Inc., a global nuclear waste management company, Chairman & Co-Founder of TransAsia Investment Partners, Hong Kong, Founding Director of 350 Capital, a "cleantech" investment company, Co-Founder of Nordicon, a design-build company, Canada, US, Mid-East, Founding member of Novator, pioneer in e-commerce and AI, helped make it the 14th fastest growing company in Canada, reported by Profit 100 magazine, Board of Sumbola, an innovative internet e-publishing company, Co-Founder, Board member of Twin Hills Resources, developer of partial upgrading cavitation technology, reducing the viscosity of oil sands bitumen to flow through pipelines without having to be blended with diluent, Board of SEL Global, an innovative Mobile Shopping Solutions Software and Advertising company, software developed in Silicon Valley, Advisory Board of Magnovate, innovative Magnetic Levitation transportation systems, Co-Founder of Fusion Sailboats, designed, developed, manufactured and distributed the Fusion 15, winner of Sailing World's "International Boat of the Year" in 2003, Advisory Board of Dorsay Development Corp., currently planning a purpose-built community in the GTA with a ground-breaking model in place-making. The over 1,200-acre community will combine global best practices in creating a sustainable community that is economically, environmentally, socially healthy and resilient. Throughout his career, Andrea has been committed to City and Community building, improving the quality of life in urban regions and continually driving innovative, practical and effective change in different sectors through his leadership and entrepreneurial skills. Andréa holds a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Toronto, a Master of Science from Columbia University, New York and an Executive MBA from Ivey School of Business, Western University.