With the growing amount of organic wastes being produced by society as a whole, a solution for sustainable global management of these wastes must be achieved. SusGlobal Energy through decades of innovation and proprietary technology is equipped and confident to deliver this objective.

Energy of the future is renewable energy. Sources of this type of energy are more evenly distributed over the earth’s surface than finite energy sources, making it an attractive alternative to petroleum based energy. Biomass, one of the renewable resources, is derived from organic material such as forestry, food, plant and animal residuals. SusGlobal Energy can therefore help you turn what many consider waste into precious energy.

Converting organic material into valuable end products such as biogas, liquid biofuels and compost emphasize the large magnitude of utility. These products can be converted into electricity, fuels and marketed to agricultural operations that are looking for an increase in crop yields, soil amendment and environmentally-sound practices. This practice also diverts these materials from landfills and reduces greenhouse gas emissions that result from landfilling organic wastes. SusGlobal Energy can provide peace of mind that the full lifecycle of organic material is achieved, global benefits are realized and stewardship for total sustainability is upheld.

Our project and services offered can benefit the public and private markets. The following includes some of our work managing organic waste streams: Anaerobic Digestion, Dry Digestion, Biogas production, Wastewater Treatment, In- Vessel Composting, Source Separated Organics Treatment, Biosolids Heat Treatment and Composting.

Susglobal Energy can provide a full range of services for handling your organic residuals in a period where innovation and sustainability are paramount. From start to finish SusGlobal Energy can offer in-depth knowledge, a wealth of experience and cutting-edge technology for all your needs in handling organic waste. This is defined by years of attaining proprietary processes, combining different treatments and many years of innovative experience and technical knowledge to provide our clients with total solutions.