Qualifications & Accreditations


Within the complex and rapidly changing environmental and waste management sectors, we understand the need to continually invest in the latest technologies and innovative processes, and to contribute as Leaders in The Circular Economy(tm). It is this commitment that allows us to safely deliver quality, value and integrity to every one of our projects.


SusGlobal is fully licensed and insured to wholly protect the best interest of our clients. We carry a comprehensive package of general liability insurance with special coverage for environmental pollution. Additional coverage for specific projects is also available, including increased limits and other coverage as required by our clients.

We also hold an up-to-date registration with workers' compensation programs.


Our continual investment in industry leading certifications and qualifications ensures that all of our business processes are executed with a focus on quality and safety, while fully complying with environmental standards.

We have Environmental Compliance Approvals (ECAs) from the Ministry of the Environment in the application of specific treatment technologies and processes.


We are committed to sharing the expertise of our seasoned team while learning and collaborating with other industries and professionals. As part of this commitment, we participate as active members of many industry leading associations, including:

  • Ontario Waste Management Association (OWMA)
  • Canadian Biogas Association (CBA)
  • Compost Council of Canada