founded in March 2019,  is the charitable arm of SusGlobal, a Leader In The Circular Economy(tm). Our goal is to build sustainability into everything we do. Today's economy is linear: it has a beginning and an end. Companies dig up materials, turn those materials into a product, and then ship that product to an end user who eventually tosses it in the trash. That system has to change. In 2017, global demand for resources was roughly 1.7 times what the Earth can support in one year, which means the linear economy model will soon slam into the edge of its physical limits. SusGlobal provides solutions and produces regenerative products and is committed to providing communities the support to implement change to a cleaner path, healthier future with a commitment to making smart use of the Earth's resources and creating products with the planet in mind.

SusGlobal has committed roughly US$1 million in investments and grants to non-profits and rural communities by end of 2020.

Who we are

Since 2019, has worked to extend the reach of non-profit organizations and rural communities to connect them with a unique blend of support that includes funding, tools, and expertise from SusGlobal. These organizations and communities turned-doers make significant impact on their communities and have the potential to produce meaningful change that can scale. Though each organization and communities' projects pose new challenges, SusGlobal is there to bring the best of our knowledge, expertise and financial support to accelerate their progress, while Caring for Earth's Journey(tm).

How we work

We identify organizations and communities that have displayed genuine desire to reduce their carbon footprint or Green House Gas (GHG) emission reduction initiatives and require guidance and expertise and financial support to implement those initiatives. While every project is different, these organizations and communities tend to have a few things in common.

Bring change to the World

The best ideas positively impact as many people on the planet as possible. We look for leaders who have bold, ambitious ideas. They open source their technology. They build models with the potential to scale. They speak publicly about their successes and failures so that others can learn and benefit.


Each year, we will give roughly $1 million in grants to support organizations and communities that take initiatives too reduce GHG emissions, divert organics from landfill, implement green bin programs, and as of 2019, we set a goal to award $1 million in grants by the end of 2020.


Each year, SusGlobal experts will volunteer their time with organizations and communities-bringing their passion and engineering expertise to accelerate progress with initiatives. Our employees have a 4 year goal to contribute 1,000 volunteer hours.


We give free products and services designed to serve the unique needs of the organizations and communities in order to amplify their impact.